Vacation Homes

Stop dreaming and start buying. Your vacation home is in reach with vLoan

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Buying a vacation home?

Everyone wants a place to escape and unwind from the stresses of the real world. vLoan can make your dream a reality. So pack those bags for a long weekend or a week vacation at your home away from home.

Different factors will arise when budgeting for a vacation home. You will have the same expenses as all loans like, down payment, financing expenses, monthly principal and interest payments, along with insurance, and real estate taxes. You also need to be mindful or purchasing furniture for a second home as well as possible repairs.

Do I qualify?

Most buyers whom are looking to purchase a vacation home already have a primary house. This could make it tricky to receive a second loan for a home. Being able to prove that you have enough income to afford both properties is pivotal. Also if you are buying a vacation home that you plan on renting out part of the year could help when it comes to qualifying! Other than that, the loan process will be the same as when you bought your first home.

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