Winter Home-Buying Tips

Published on November 24th, 2014

Buying a Home in Winter


To hear most people talk about it, winter is a slow time for real estate. In reality, selling a home during this time of year can be a challenge. Buying a home during the winter, however, presents many surprising benefits. Get a free rate quote today by using our online multi-step calculator and contact a financial advisor. By knowing what to expect and which considerations to make, you may even be able to find your perfect home more quickly and get a great deal.


Take Advantage of Having Less Competition


Unlike during the spring and summer, you probably won't be vying for the same house along with scads of other buyers. Similarly, this is the dry season for real estate agents. Sellers and their agents may be eager to extend special offers to keep business going. With that in mind, be on the lookout for a special deal on a first-time buyer home loan or for special terms on a home purchase loan as well. Lenders may offer special deals they wouldn't any other time of year.


Don't Get Discouraged by the Winter Doldrums


Sure, looking at homes in the spring and summer is more enjoyable. Sellers tend to gussy up their yards and landscaping to make them more appealing, and the nice weather makes everything seem better. Still, there are ways to determine how well a home is cared for during the winter too. Are the sidewalks and driveway free of snow? What about neighbors' homes - are they properly cared for too? When walking through a home you're interested in: Is the air warm and comfortable, or do you feel drafts? These are things you can't determine during more temperate weather and they can clue you in to the overall quality of a home.


Take Your Time


Because the real estate market slows down during the winter, there's not such a pressing need to act quickly. Take advantage of it by carefully considering any home purchase loan or first-time buyer home loan that is presented to you. You'll have the luxury to give the matter lots of thought, so be sure to do so. In the end, you may discover that finding your dream home is much easier during the winter.


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