Scents Make Sales

Published on November 28th, 2014

How Scents Help Sell Your Home


While showing your home, you should make sure your home doesn’t have too strong of an odor. Without realizing it, certain smells could be off-putting to a potential buyer. Many homeowners have been coached to create pleasing aromas on the day they are showing their home. You may think baking cookies or other complex smells would be of help to you, but recent studies have shown that these types of smells are likely to damp enthusiasm. If you are thinking about selling or buying, contact a vLoan financial advisor today or go online to receive a free rate quote.


Researchers studied 402 people in a home décor store for over 18 days and found that shoppers spent 31.8% more time in the store, on average, when the store was scented with a simple orange scent, over a complex blend of orange, basil, and green tea. [Source: The Power of Simplicity: Processing Fluency and the Effects of Olfactory Cues on Retail Sales’ in the March Journal of Retailing] These findings could also apply to real estate.


Potential buyers come to showings to look at your home, not to study what that smell could be coming from. Subconsciously, people may dedicate their energy to figuring out the scent or, even worse, they could associate the smell with a bad experience and then put your home on the “do not buy” list. Neither of these possible instances will put you in a better situation to sell your home, which in the end, is the main objective.


Some of the scents that the study recommended are lemon, basil, pine, orange, green tea, cedar, and vanilla – these are all less distracting and still have a pleasant smell to them. You should also be aware of the setting of your home and the scent that is associated with. It’s best to base the scent off of the environment of your home, in order to help set the mood and make your house seem cozier and more attractive to the buyer.


In the end, your overall goal is to sell your home. While some people still believe that baking an apple pie is the best way to fill your home with warm aromas, this study shows that the scent of orange made people spend more money and selling your house for top dollar sounds like a best case scenario to us.


If you’re thinking of selling your home, please feel free to follow these tips and contact the vLoan team today to get in touch with a professional who can get you pre-approved and on the path to finding your next home.

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