What's Trendy in 2015- Home Edition Part 3

Published on January 22nd, 2015

New Year--New Technology Part III

To wrap up the three part series, we decided to cover what people are putting in their homes technology-wise in 2015. With cameras being so small and relatively cheap we will see an increase in home security and "pet" monitoring. We all know people love their animals, so why not check in on them during the day? Learn what else will be in homes this year -

New Technology

· Smart Home or? With prices lower and easier-to-install-models, home technologies such as web-controlled security cameras and motion sensors for pets will be extremely popular. The new software platforms will also allow multiple smart devices to communicate with each other, making everyone’s life that much easier.

· Charging stations. Home owners need a dedicated space for charging devices; often found in the corner of the kitchen, near the entrance from the garage, or the mud room.

· Keyless entry. Whether it’s a finger print or a numerical code, no keys will be necessary.

· Wellness systems. Homes are being built with environment and health in mind. For example, many homes will have heat recovery ventilation systems that filter air continuously and use little energy. Other improvements include lighting systems that utilize sunshine and swimming pools that avoid the use of chlorine and salt by featuring a second adjacent pool with plants and gravel that cleanse water.

· Water conservation. Home owners are now able to purchase rainwater harvesting tanks and cisterns, gray water systems, weather-controlled watering stations, permeable pavers, drought-tolerant plants, and no- or low-mow grass.

There you have it; plenty to look forward to with this New Year! Whether you are buying or selling, it’s always good to be up to date on the new trends. For more information on preparing your home to sell in 2015, please feel free to contact a member of our Housing Buzz Team today mortgage professional today.



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