Why Work in Sales?

Published on January 26th, 2015

Why Sales? Top 5 Reasons

Whether this New Year has you re-thinking your career path, or you are simply curious of why your “crazy” friends in sales do what they do – here are 5 reasons WHY a job in sales may be a great career choice:

  1. For Your Future: Sales might not be your ultimate goal when it comes to professions, but it is a role in business that everyone should experience. Working in this field offers many the background and hands-on experience they need to make better decisions in their future career goals. In fact, many managerial positions are attained by moving up from sales. Sales is not just a position, it is a skill everyone uses, every day, and everywhere! Whether you are pitching a budget plan to your boss or suggesting your pizza place of choice to a friend on a Friday night; experience in sales is training you – for life.

  2. Freedom: You do you. With sales, it’s your business and you have complete personal control. You work when you want, how you want, and where you want.

  3. Stability: Every business needs a sales department. As long as you are obtaining customers and revenue for your company – the sky is the limit! Not to mention, many companies put a tremendous amount of emphasis on making their sales staff feel valued, making sure you stay with the company. It’s a win-win.

  4. Variety: As you are constantly on the front lines, working with your customers, informing them about your product, you are being exposed to various aspects of your industry. This approach of sharing your knowledge with your clientele allows you to stay up-to-date on emerging trends for that specific industry. In the long-term, this expanding reservoir of information could also help you become better prepared to handle changes when they arise.

  5. Fun: Solving problems, helping others, building relationships, and genuinely feeling useful every day will always keep life interesting. Once the hard work and effort are done, a position in sales can be very gratifying. A job in sales allows you to build relationships with customers and find options that are best for their specific, financial situation. When they see the reaction on their customers faces, it reminds them of why they love their job. Tangible results.

Did we forget something? Yes, we know: Rejection. We know this is a huge part of sales. After all, the saying goes, “For every ‘Yes’ a sales person receives, they most likely have also gotten about 45 ‘No’s.’” While weathering the storm of rejection is a major part of sales, those who are successful in this field often turn these rejections into their motivation. Rather than letting the word ‘no’ make you lose momentum, use it to your advantage!

While working in sales can be hard for some, there are those who stumble on these positions and find they have the blood of a true sales person running through their veins. These lucky few have truly found their calling and can see the fruits of their actions in both their customers’ satisfaction and employer’s approval. And, if they’re lucky enough to work at a company that values their sales staff, they definitely don’t seem so “crazy” anymore.

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