4 Easy Tips for a Safe Halloween

Published on October 12th, 2015

It’s about that time of the year when the days are getting shorter, the nights are a little cooler, and Halloween is right around the corner. Kids and adults everywhere have been counting down the days until October 31st. Halloween is one of America’s favorite holidays with consumers spending billions of dollars annually and more than half of the entire population will partake in the festivities in some fashion. As everyone is beginning to prepare their costumes, buy as much candy as they can, and set up all of their decorations, it is important to remember a couple safety reminders:

  1. Be sure to keep your walkways clear when you are expecting trick-or-treaters. You want to remove any obstacles from the sidewalks, porch, or steps to avoid unwanted accidents. This will keep everyone safe and keep your decorations from being ruined as well.

  1. Try to avoid using real candles inside of your pumpkins. If you do choose to use candles, be sure to keep them away from your curtains, other Halloween decorations, and anything else that may be flammable. Even if they are outside they still have the potential to be dangerous to trick-or-treaters coming to your doorstep. Instead of using candles, light bulbs and battery powered lights are a great way to light up your Jack-O-Lanterns without the risk of a fire.

  1. If you plan on having any sort of light display be sure to inspect your decorative light strands. Check for broken or missing bulbs in order to avoid any hazards to you or your trick-or-treaters. Lastly, if using electrical cords they should be appropriately stored and out of the way of young children.

  1. Finally, make sure to have a lit walkway for everyone coming up to your home. It’s going to get very dark once the kids begin their quests for candy and the last thing parents want is their kids tripping and falling because they can’t see where they are going. Even just a few lights to guide the way up to your doorstep will go a long way.

If you follow just a few of these quick tips, your Halloween will be safer and just as much fun. Halloween is known for having more accidents and fires than any other day this month so we want to prepare you as best as we can.

For any further homeowners tips feel free to reach out and contact the Housing Buzz Team today.  Have a safe and spooky Halloween this year!

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