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Published on November 13th, 2015

Are you the type of college student who likes to jump right into all college has to offer? Then dive in and meet Kathryn Auldridge, a fall Vendor Management intern at Union Home Mortgage Corp.


Kathryn is a triple threat. She’s in her 3rd year at Baldwin Wallace University, majoring in 3 subjects: Accounting, Finance, and International Business. Oh yeah, and her German minor.


In addition to that, she is Statistic Chairman of Alpha Phi, Social Media Chair for Greek Sing Committee, VP of Fundraising for Dance Marathon, Member of Enactus business service club, student manager of the Student Activities Center, and member of the Accounting Association at BW. Busy, busy, busy.


How DOES she do it? How does she keep her cool while continuing to enjoy her time in college?


Her secret? Organization, especially in the place she calls her “home away from home”.


Your college living experience can totally affect your entire university perception. No situation is perfect, but it’s important to make the best out of what you’re dealt. And that’s where Kathryn is queen. She learned from trial and error. Here are some tips from a girl in your shoes, who loves her second home:


Freshman yearKathryn was part of a new university project where she was placed into a 6 person suite – 3 bedrooms and a common area. As an important time in a college career to make friends, it can sometimes be difficult to overcome personality differences especially when living in close quarters. But this didn’t faze Kathryn.


She made a chore chart with rotating tasks to make sure that all roommates helped in keeping their suite in suitable conditions. And here’s a special tip from Kathryn: “When it’s not your turn to do a chore, don’t do it. This helps keep the peace from all ends”.


Sophomore year: Kathryn moves in to a two person dorm with her previous roommate (and new best friend) and they decorate it with sorority décor and world maps. Yes, Kathryn is also a world traveler having been to 14 different countries and living in Germany for 3 years.


Junior year: Another year with the same roommate in a different dorm is treating Kathryn well. They have found a good balance taking turns with chores. Sunday is their “clean and relax” designated day of the week. Frequent shopper at The Container Store, Kathryn loves to use colored bins for organizing different things and also fancies drawer organizers.


Getting ideas from other dorm layouts, they decided to loft their beds this year which has benefitted them for two reasons: it freed up some open space (you know, for activities), and by hanging a sheet it has allowed to cover up individual messes making both roommates happy.


KAuldridge 3KAuldridge 7KAuldridge 6




What the future holds: After returning from a semester studying abroad in Ireland, Kathryn is looking forward to moving into a landlord house with three other sorority sisters. With three years of college living under her belt, she has the knowledge and skills she needs to have a successful senior year!



Some perspective:


The main takeaways Kathryn has learned from college living:


“I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I handle situations, about working with others and compromising; how to get along with people who are nothing like me. I’ve become less stubborn and more understanding. I also learned how to hold others accountable in the nicest way possible.”


Put these tips on your college packing list:


“Don’t be afraid to use your RA for roommate situations. Roommate agreements that are predefined and agreed upon help so much in resolving issues later on. Be realistic with yourself -don’t room with someone who is messy if you don’t like mess. The less stuff you can bring with you to college the better (I promise you don’t need as much stuff as you think you do). The more organized you keep your dorm, the more room you’ll have”.


Have questions about Kathryn’s “Home Away from Home” experience? Interested in an internship at one of the “Top Places to Work in America”? Contact the team today!


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