The Top 5 people who need to know you're moving

Published on December 10th, 2015

So you’ve finally found the house of your dreams and started filling your living room, kitchen, and hallways with towers of boxes. After you’ve individually wrapped each delicate glass, plate, and knick-knack, it’s time to start notifying a few important people.


Current Employer:


Unless you’re one of the lucky ones who can relocate to a different office in your new hometown, you need to notify your employer. A month should give your employer ample time to find someone for your position and give you time to do any paperwork and tie the loose ends together without any hassle. Be sure to give your boss your new address so that he will be able to provide you with tax documents at the end of the year.


Postal Service:


Changing your new address is a given. Make sure you fill out a change of address request form at your local post office. Do this in advance to avoid any troubles.


Banks and credit card companies:


To make sure everything stays in order, you have to update your bank accounts and inform all credit card companies. You don’t want to end up in trouble with credit card companies if you fail to receive your monthly bills.




10 to 30 days could be the short time frame you have to update your driver’s license, vehicles registration and insurance information if you’re moving out of state. Go at your earliest opportunity to avoid any inconveniences at the DMV.


Medical Facilities


Finding a new family physician could be a medical nightmare when moving, especially out of state. Ask for referrals before you leave your current medical provider, and make sure you relocate to a facility that will accept your current health insurance.


After all is said and done, you will be relaxing in your new home and enjoying all that life has to offer in your new hometown. If you haven’t quite found the home you’ve been looking for contact a member of the housing buzz team. We’re here to make your housing dreams turn into realities.

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