Timeless Design

Published on February 23rd, 2015

Timeless pieces that will fit anyone’s home

So you just bought a home and cannot wait to start designing, decorating, and turning every room into one you can call your own. The only problem is: What furniture won’t be outdated in 2 years?

A classy home design starts at furnishings that will leave your guests in awe when they walk into a room. Since the way you place your furnishings can make a room feel more open or closed, it’s best to work with the dimensions of your room so your pieces do not disrupt the room’s functionality.

Remember that furniture does not always have to match. A consistent flow of complimentary colors is more important than matching. If you love light blues, then picking pieces with yellows and light greens would be something to consider, rather than sticking with one color.

Also, homes should always be evolving with the seasons and the times. Start with the basics for permanent fixtures, but don’t be afraid to decorate with pieces that are out of your comfort zone.

Color: If you find that most of your wardrobe is black and you shy away from colors in your clothes, don’t take the same approach to home décor. Pops of color can really brighten up a room and add to the overall design. Color creates visual interest and balance in any room.

Accents: If your design style normally gravitates towards modern and chic rooms, this doesn't mean that you can’t place those eclectic accent pieces on your end table. Some unusual pieces can bring a room together and depending on what you choose could add a whimsical, fun feel to that space.

Mirrors: While many designers know that placing a mirror opposite a window can make a room look more spacious, you could branch out on this design idea by using mirrored tables, dressers, and nightstands. This could help bring more light into a room and if implemented properly, add sophistication.

Patterns: A statement piece is a must in any home. A pattered sofa standing out against a room full of solid colors can ensure the room will not feel dated. This could create a high-end look that may go a long away.

Fluid lines: Don’t just think that straight lines are the way to go! Curved lines such as a rounded end table or a curved modern chair can create a room that’s timeless.

Now that you know the secrets and tips to keep your décor up-to-date, you may want to consider incorporating these ideas when staging your home for sale or designing rooms like this once you purchase a new home. Click here to speak with a qualified mortgage specialist on financing a new home, so you can get to work creating the rooms of your dreams.

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