Futuristic Home Predictions

Published on February 5th, 2015

Futuristic home predictions that never came to be...

The year 2015 has arrived and with it comes iPhones, iPads, and google glasses, but still no hover boards, flying cars, or talking homes. Of course, back in the 1960’s, people thought that the 2000’s would be the start of unbelievable technology in their homes. As you can see, we were really bad at predicting the future.

Features of the Future

If you’re like most homeowners, you still have to walk into the kitchen to prepare and cook your food for dinner, rather than take a pill that accounts for a full meal. Although: Who would want to miss out on a delicious piece of pizza and replace it with a pill that accounts for all your calories? The interesting part of this idea is that, that was an idea people thought could actually happen – we would one day develop a tiny, flavored pill that included all of the calories and nutrients your body needed and you could swallow it down in less than 2 seconds. If something like this was ever developed and purchased by consumers, the use of a refrigerator would be obsolete. All of your food would be stored in pill packs. Actually, there wouldn’t be a need for a kitchen at all! Many people also thought that spray food would be available. Grab your can of choice and just spray it on your plate -- also weird and gross.

Homes of the Future

In the 60’s, many futuristic home predictions were accompanied with the idea of having a landing pad for the family’s flying car. This was considered the travel of the future -- think of the TV show, The Jetsons. Characters in that cartoon flew above their city and viewers believed that in the 2000’s, cars were not going to run on gasoline and the world would look like the vehicles in The Jetsons. As “people of the future,” it’s hard not to chuckle when looking at what people thought would be the new homes of the 2000’s.

Before you start judging these old ideas and notions too harshly, you should know that in 1965, the average home cost $13,600. Today, the average home costs $176,500. And this price does not include all of the futuristic technology that was predicted to be equipped in our homes. With that said, it’s important to also remember that incomes have increased, so it is expected for houses to increase in price as well. Also, a housekeeping robot has not been invented to replace all of a housewife’s duties of cooking, cleaning, and tucking the kids in bed. Our houses also cannot repair themselves, which was another prediction. However, if you really take the time to think about it… Would you really want a house that was smarter then you and your family?

Although we do not have flying jet packs to take us from room to room, robotic butlers, houses that repair themselves, or nonexistent kitchens, we do have some incredible financing available so you can get into a home that fits your future. Click here to talk to one of our Housing Buzz specialists!

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