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Published on March 13th, 2015

The best days to buy a home

As the spring bulbs make their ascension from underground, the mortgage industry also quickly wakes from a long winter’s sleep. Like jumping out of bed when you realized you’ve overslept, Realtors hit the ground running to schedule open houses, sellers are staging and listing their homes, buyers are scheduling their weekend showings, and Loan Officers are almost always answering calls or in meetings. What is it about spring that makes this industry come alive?

According to the authors of Zillow Talk: The New Rules of Real Estate, the best period to list your home is from mid-March to mid-April. These findings not only align with the belief that the earlier you list your home in the year, the more likely it is that you’ll close before the peak sales season in June; this period also hits when warmer temperatures roll in and buyers are ready to get moving towards purchasing their new home. While these findings work to the seller’s advantage, buyers may not always come out on top during this peak season. Since our Housing Buzz Team is here to assist with financing needs, we can’t help but wonder: “What about our borrowers? When can they get the best deal?”

Easter Sunday

While there is nothing quite like the mortgage industry in the spring, buyers don’t need to shy away from this peak season altogether. There is one day in the spring that buyers can expect to get their foot in the door before others. While most people are at home with their families, Easter Sunday provides the perfect landscape for the opportunistic shopper. Since Realtors and Loan Officers rarely sleep during the spring selling fever, it may be easier than you think to schedule a showing, make an offer, or even get it accepted before new offers come rolling in as everyone returns to work and their buying duties on Monday.

Christmas Day

Anyone noticing a holiday theme here? Yes, many findings show that Christmas Day could actually be better spent making an offer and signing paperwork, than opening presents. While the idea of making an offer on this holiday may seem insane to some, to our inventive buyers who will do anything for a deal, this option likely makes perfect sense. Our best suggestion: scout out the homes you want, wait until you’ve made a decision, and when the stockings are hung – it’s time to strike. And, since you’re hitting during the time of generosity and the beloved holiday spirit, you’re more likely to come across a seller in a giving mood. On top of that, there are fewer buyers shopping around this time of year, so you really don’t have a ton of competition (even on the Monday, after the holidays, if new offers start to roll in). For those who just aren’t interested in making that call when spending time with family, you can have some peace of mind in the fact that home prices are often at their lowest during the month of December. There are still savings to be had.

We work hard to help our borrowers find the home loan program that best suits their needs. If the spring buying fever has hit you, there’s no need to wait. Click here to get the ball rolling and contact one of our Housing Buzz Specialists.

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