Effective Vocabulary

Published on March 17th, 2015

Inject some energy into your listing: Spice up your vocab!

Calling all English majors! You’re up to bat. When listing a home, language is key. Certain buzzwords can really make-or-break a home sale. Follow the list below to see what words will lead to more offers and what words you should avoid.

Acronyms: A Love Story

  • Acronyms are tricky. While some are used as an industry standard, others are not widely accepted. For example “For Sale by Owner” results in 1.22 million hits via search results, while “FSBO” only attracts 135 thousand. On the other hand “MLS Listings” gets 550 thousands hits on Google, while “Multiple Listing Service” warrants only 60.5 thousand. Do some research to find out what acronyms are most commonly used when buyers use search engines to look for available listings.

Realistic Positivity

  • Great, nice, fun. We use these words every day, but they have little-to-no impact when listing a home. Buyers often just gloss over them. For example: What sounds more attractive? “I have a nice porch,” or “I have a porch with a stunning view.” Most people will say the latter and buyers will pay more for it. Try to make use of realistic, snappy, and descriptive language when creating your listing. If you install new tile, don’t just say “new tile,” say “updated” or “upgraded.” Think of what you want in a home, too, and maybe invest in some updates so you can use words like “tile,” “Stainless,” and “Granite” in your listing. For more information on renovations that could boost your home’s value, visit our other blog here.

Nobody Wants Cheap

  • When buying anything in life, you always want to avoid buyer’s remorse. This applies to homes too. Using words like “Fixer” or “Needs some TLC” puts up major red flags, signaling that you're selling a home that is not move-in ready. Using language like “investment” or “potential” could also diminish any could-be value in your home. And, while we’re on the subject -- never stoop to words like “bargain.” As previously mentioned, focus on your home’s strengths. Words like “Luxurious,” “Captivating,” or “Impeccable” ranked high on listings that sold quickly. Better words, better display the value of your home and can make more buyers desire your property.

Oddities That Work

  • Do some research on words that are out of the ordinary for a home listing. A recent study shows that listings that contained the word “basketball” sold for 4.5 percent more than expected. Having the word “Pergola” also helped homes beat the expected by 4 percent. Showcase the authentic parts of your home to help sell it faster and for more money than anticipated.

Remember, it may take some extra time to really study the intricacies of your home and pick what buzzwords to use, but in the end it could be worth it. When you are looking to finance a new home, every cent will help out. If you’re thinking about upgrading to a new home, because you just got an amazing return on your current one, it’s best to start speaking with a qualified mortgage professional. For more information on financing a new home, please feel free to contact a member of our Housing Buzz Team today.

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