Brighter Spaces

Published on March 19th, 2015

Top tips to brighten your space for spring

With cold temperatures still looming, here are some tips to help you take control inside of your home and brighten up your space with color!

Creating a color splash

Add some bold colors to a couple walls with colors such as shades of red and orange. These changes can really help a room stand out and brighten your space. These splashes of color could also help lift your mood. Furthermore, adding white trim may compliment your space and give it that contemporary feel.

All white walls

If color is not your thing, it’s okay to keep it simple! Fresh, white walls can make your space light and bright. Having white walls also means you can accessorize any way you see fit. If white walls are your top choice, really try to play up on the colors of your furniture so the blank slate will make a nice backdrop to your bright patterns and furniture colors.

Don’t forget about the ceiling!

Many people ignore the ceiling, but this can be used as a fifth wall (if it’s done correctly). Adding wall paper or patterns to your ceiling can create a dramatic effect, but make sure you don’t go overboard. Keep your walls plain, so your celling draws the attention.


Adding a painting here or there is a great way to transform your current room into a light and bright space! The right wall hangings can add some life to your walls, especially if they are white.

Let there be light

Light fixtures and the correct placement of lights are crucial during colder months to keep your space bright. Dimmers are also something to take into consideration (and they can help you save on electricity).

These tips and tricks will be sure to help beat the cold weather blues. Warmer, spring weather is just around the corner, and adding some of these colors can help make sure your home will be ready for the coming blooms!

And, if you are looking to find a new space altogether, then be sure to speak with one of our Housing Buzz Specialists to find out how you can finance the bright space of your dreams.

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