What Stays and What Goes?

Published on April 20th, 2015

What stays in the house when it’s time to sell?

The time has come when your house is filled to the brim with boxes, packed with all of your belongings, ready to start their new lives in your new home. You have most of the rooms packed away, except a few lingering items. You stare at the light fixtures, the kitchen appliances, and the custom drapes you had fitted to your windows when you first moved in. You’ve grown attached to these items. Are they supposed to follow you into your next chapter of homeownership?

Rather than debate about taking everything including the kitchen sink, certain items can, generally, stay in the home. Here are the items you may want to consider leaving behind:

Light fixtures: If you handpicked your light fixtures when you first moved into the home, the buyer may be willing to increase their offer to keep these custom items.

Appliances: Some lenders may require that a home have an oven installed before approving a loan. For all other appliances, it’s up to you to decide what you will take and what you will offer as part of the home.

Hardware: Updated kitchen knobs, bathroom handles, and vanities should all remain in the home.

Landscaping: Leave your flowers, trees, shrubs, patio layouts, and decks all intact.

Smoke detectors: Generally, smoke detectors should remain in the house, regardless of when you sell. If you plan to move before selling the house, it is a major safety precaution to leave these behind.

Alarm systems: Normally, you should leave the alarm system behind, especially if it is not wireless and isn’t designed to be removed.

Window fixtures: The custom-made curtains or blinds should be left behind on the windows and doors.

Swing and playsets: If your potential buyer has children, offer to throw in your kid’s play and swing set for an increased offer.

What can you take?

Built-in kitchen tools: If you have a built-in spice rack, or a pasta arm, feel free to take those items with you. You also can take a built-in paper towel holder to your new pad as well. This is only if you can remove these items without causing any damage.

Rugs and wreaths: Feel free to take any of your small area rugs and wreaths that you can safely remove.

Patio furniture: Be sure to take your patio tables and chairs, as well as any extra tables you have outside for entertaining guests.

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