A Green Affair

Published on May 12th, 2015

How to keep your grass looking its greenest

With summer finally making its way across the nation; lawncare is top priority on every homeowners’ list. On average, a homeowner spends 40 hours a year mowing their lawn. Lawns and lawncare not only provide amazing curb appeal, but can also double as a hobby to many homeowners. To keep your lawn in tip-top shape, we have found these green grass commandments for you to follow…

Fertilizing your lawn: You should fertilize your lawn a couple times a year, for instance, once in the spring and then again in midsummer. Make sure your fertilizer is a Food, specially blended for lawns. These contain higher levels of nitrogen, which is what stimulates growth and gives you that deep green color. There are many different fertilizers out there for you to choose from, like ones that target weed seeds to others that focus on germinating. Make sure you choose the option that best suits your lawncare needs.

Fertilizer spreader: Another A+ tip is to always fertilize your lawn when the grass is dry, and after mowing. Wet grass can cause the fertilizer to stick to the blades and can possibly burn the lawn. Using a spreader ensures equal distribution of the fertilizer across the lawn. Also, be sure to set the gauge low and go over the area several times. This will give the lawn a nice color, without over-fertilizing some areas.

Watering: The best time to water is early morning, and when we say early, we mean 5 a.m. This gives the lawn a sufficient amount of time to dry before nightfall, which is a time when many funguses come active. Giving your lawn a soak encourages deep root growth, which protects against heat and droughts. An actively growing lawn in the summer will require about 1 to 1.5 inches of water, per week - a quick tip to keep in mind.

Brown Spot Repair: Just like over-fertilizing, pets can cause brown spots as well. If you catch a dog or cat doing business on your lawn, you’ll likely need to invest in a grass repair kit. If you don’t want to buy a kit, you can also water the area well within eight hours of finding the spot, in order to dilute the high nitrogen levels.

We want your lawn looking the best it can. And, the greener the better! Lawns are a huge part of summer and can add a significant amount of curb appeal. If you are thinking about selling, you may want to get your lawn in tip-top shape. For any questions or inquiries about financing a new home, contact the Housing Buzz Team today.

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