Grad Gifts

Published on May 29th, 2015

Gift ideas for the college graduate in your life

Graduation can be an exciting time, but trying to figure out the next steps after tossing your cap can also be difficult. Starting a new job, relocating, or even buying a new home can be the near future for these young Millennials. For those who are shopping for recent grads, housewarming gifts are the perfect idea to ease the transition into new homeownership.


·Pitcher- Upgrading to a glass pitcher is ideal to serve water or lemonade during those hot summer months. If your grad is planning on having a housewarming party on the patio, this makes serving a breeze with whatever yummy concoction is inside.

·Bar glasses- Say goodbye to those red solo cups and hello to a nice set of glasses. These are a great investment that are sure to last for years to come and a great staple piece to have for daily meals or parties.


·Coffee makers- A recent grad may not be able to afford those daily Starbucks trips anymore, so to save a few bucks, they can make their daily cup of coffee at home! There are tons of options to choose from, we recommend a Keurig for efficiency.

·Cookbooks- Recent grads may not be very skilled in the kitchen. Providing them with cookbooks offers a step in the right direction. Of course, they will make a few mistakes, but having new and exciting recipes gives them a head start on fun new dishes to make and entertain with!

·Kitchen tools- Spatulas and spoons will pair well with your grads new cookbook! Having the tools to implement and use on new recipes will get their motivation up to start cooking. Plus, they have kitchen sets so all their tools can match.


·Floor mirror- Dressing your best can help you land that dream job and having a full-length mirror can ensure you look your best. From your head to toe, this will give make sure everything matches and fits well.

·Reliable shower curtain- Investing in a nice, reliable shower curtain can be so useful for months to come. Shower curtains come in many different designs, so you are sure to find one that matches the bathroom perfectly.

These gifts will help any new grad a head start on the road to owning a home, and if the grad in your life hasn’t purchased a home yet,our Housing Buzz Team is always here to help and answer any questions they may have!


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