Masterpiece Mantels

Published on June 12th, 2015

A mantel above a fireplace is the focus of a room, yet, oftentimes decorating this beautiful feature is a difficult task. The age old decorating pieces are usually as follows: candles, mirrors, pictures, and even plants, but nothing ever quite looks right.  Of course, it depends on the style of your home and the type of fireplace you have when choosing what pieces to decorate with, but it turns out the trick to decorating your mantel is to actually understand the proportions and shapes of the pieces your decorating with relative to the size of your mantel.


Create Layers    


When taking on the task of decorating your mantel the key is to start with creating three layers. Although we suggest a third layer, it is optional depending on your decorating style.


Layer 1 – The anchor: The anchor is the object that will be the main focal point of the mantel. This object should be relatively large and could be anything from a mirror to a flat screen TV. Not only is this the biggest decorative piece, it also should be centered. Keep in mind, this object should be the tallest on the mantel but not wider than the actual fireplace itself.


Layer 2 – The Weight: The weight is placed on the right and left sides of the anchor you chose. This will add width and weight to the design. The items don’t have to be identical but their weight should be similar. When choosing these items, make sure the height of the objects is smaller than layer 1, but still relatively tall. Ideas for the weights could be anything from decorative vases, to books, to the traditional tall candlestick.


Layer 3 – The Filler: The filler is the ledge underneath the anchor. This space is best designed with objects that are not of equal height. When decorating this area, you do not want to create any horizontal lines since the mantel is a straight line itself, so think staggered. Again, these objects should be smaller than the anchor and the weight. If you’re going for the more minimalistic look, skip this layer to give the mantel a sleeker look.


Scale is extremely important when it comes to your mantel. The objects you choose need to relate to the fireplace and to each other. The point of decorating a mantel is pulling it all together for one fantastic look. Once you feel comfortable with the design you have chosen, sit back and admire your work!


If you’re a homeowner who doesn’t have mantel in their home and are considering buying a new home, feel free to talk to one of our mortgage specialists to help find your dream mantel and home!


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