Maintenance Tips for Every Home Owner

Published on June 15th, 2015

No need to call a handyman, with these tips you can stay on top of every housing maintenance repair!


Broken doorbell? Paint problems? Garage door malfunction? Ever wonder how to fix those small things around your home that no one told you about? Don’t let simple home maintenance chores like these put a damper on the joy of owning a home.  Every homeowner wishes they knew how to solve these common housing problems, but very few actually know the mechanics of repairing things around the house.  This list can help you tackle any housing speed bumps and stay on top of all home maintenance repairs.

  1. Installing smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. In order to ensure the safety of everyone living in your home make sure you stay on top of this task.  Smoke alarms should be installed on ceilings in every level of the house, in every bedroom and outside of all sleeping areas.  They should be placed at least four inches away from walls, windows and HVAC vents.  On the other hand, carbon monoxide detectors can be installed in any space, not just on ceilings; they even come in plug-in units.  They should also be installed on every level of the house, including the basement.

  2. Open an electric garage door in a power outage. All garage doors have a release cord hanging from the mounted operator, usually in red.  In the event of a power outage or garage door opener malfunction just pull down on the red cord to release the door. By doing this, you put the door in manual allowing you to manually slide the door up and down the track.  When the power comes back on just pull the cord again but this time towards the garage door in order to reengage it.  Doesn’t get any easier than that!

  3. Repair a doorbell. The most common problem with broken door bells is the button itself.  To fix this, unscrew the button and test the wires by touching the wires together.  If this causes the bell to ring then a new button is the solution to your problem.  Install a new one by connecting the wires to the terminal screws of the new doorbell button and then reattach to your house.

  4. Dispose of latex paint. Improper disposal of wet paint can be hazardous and unsafe to the environment. Make sure you dry up the paint before you throw it to the curb.  Leaving it to dry in the sun, mixing in cat litter or adding crumpled newspaper is a few simple ways that will do the trick.

  5. Locating a stud. Studs in the walls are usually located at 16 inch intervals.  One way to pinpoint the location is to look for small filled-in or painted over holes in the trim; measuring 16 inches from these holes will give you the location of the center of the studs along the wall.  Another easy trick is to check your outlets; they are attached to the studs on either side.  Just tap on the sides of the outlet to locate which side the stud is on, then you can use the 16 inch trick to locate the rest of the studs.  Lastly, studs are usually located in the corner of rooms so measuring 16 inches out from the corner will give you the location of the remaining studs.


These tips will help you stay on top of the little home maintenance problems that you may run into as a homeowner.  If becoming a homeowner is something you are interested in or if you have questions about homeownership or financing a home, feel free to contact a member of our team today.




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