Garage Door Makeovers

Published on June 5th, 2015

Add curb appeal to your home with these easy garage door makeovers

When thinking about spicing up your home, does remodeling the garage door even scratch the top of your list? Well it should!  Though you may not think about it, front facing garage doors are a focus for people driving down the street.  Even simple garage door renovations can increase the value of your home and attract glances from any wandering eye. Summer is the perfect time for these easy DIY makeovers, so check out these simple designs that can dress up your boring garage door and turn it into an eye catching piece of art.

  1. The Wooden Look: Use a special paint product called Gel Stain to create the illusion that you have a rustic wooden garage door. This stain has a thicker consistency and is not rubbed into the surface after applied.  The stain starts at $11.00 and can be found at many home improvement stores.  After at least one coat of this magic stain your garage door will look brand-new!

  2. Faux Carriage Door: Create this look by using painters tape to section off small four-pane “windows” near the top of the garage door. Then, fill those sections in with black gloss spray paint.  Add carriage door hardware, which can be found on EBay or at a home improvement store, to complete the look.  This look will create the illusion of side-sliding double doors but with the functionality of a roll up garage door.

  3. Add an Arbor or Pergola: An arbor or pergola will frame your garage door and create a sophisticated look for your home.  These tunnel-like passages are easy to construct, all you need is proper dimensions, wood and some white paint. Although very similar in design, the main difference between the two is, a pergola is larger and supports a roof-like structure.

  4. Perfect Plants: Add some flowery fun to your garage door by planting a trailing plant, like a climbing hydrangea, on a pergola above the door.  Over the years the plant will continue to spread and grow, creating a leafy canopy over your garage.

  5. Cue Some Color: Exterior paint in the color of your choice will do the trick and add a colorful pop to any garage door. However, when making a big color change make sure you think about keeping the garage door and the front door the same color.

When remodeling to sell, these simple and easy makeovers will add some major curb appeal to your home.  For more information on how to increase the curb appeal of your home or how to get a mortgage, please contact a member of our Housing Buzz team today.

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