Expect the unexpected

Published on July 15th, 2015

3 ways to protect the precious items in your home

Unexpected events can take place at any given time, not only can fires, burglaries or a natural disaster destroy your furniture and home, they can also take away your documents, photos, and memories that were made over the years.

Planning for the unexpected can save you time and emotional cost at losing these sentimental items if the unthinkable were to ever happen. This way, at least you know that you are equipped to handle a disaster.


Choosing to handle all of your important statements and documents electronically can ensure the retrieval of these items if need be. A house fire can destroy a folder full of important papers, but if you digitally back up your documents, birth certificates, photos, passports, etc. you will be able to pull that information back up on a computer.

Up in the iCloud

Using the Apple Cloud allows you to transfer and store your data virtually. You can access this information anywhere and anytime by logging into the cloud. Even if your computer didn’t survive the unexpected, having your username and password ensures that your documents did.


If you aren’t tech savvy, fear not. To accommodate your intimidation from the tech world, invest in a fire proof safe. Safes can protect your physical documents from a house fire and can last for many hours in extreme conditions. If backing up your precious items on a computer or in the cloud isn’t for you, than consider purchasing a fireproof safe.

Regardless of which path you take, you should always have a backup plan in your home for your important documents and valuables. Expect the unexpected, and be prepared for it. Contact the Housing Buzz Team today for more homeowner information.


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