Protect your Home while on Vacation

Published on July 20th, 2015

Summertime is prime vacation time! However, sometimes leaving your home can put your belongings in danger. Without taking proper precautions while away, your home may be at risk for burglaries. Fortunately, there are many steps you can take that will prevent unwanted visitors so that you can enjoy your well-deserved vacation without worry.

Make it look like you are home: experts recommend using timers to turn lights on and off. Place one in each room downstairs and set them to turn off the lights at sunset, and one or two in the bedrooms set to turn off at a later time at night around the time you go to sleep. You can also stop your newspapers and mail delivery so it does not pile up on the driveway and/or the mailbox. The post office will hold your mail for you for up to thirty days if you don’t want to ask someone to collect it for you. In addition to all of these steps, mow your lawn before you leave and if you are away for more than a week, schedule someone to mow it while you’re away(maybe hire someone in the neighborhood?).

Secure your Home: make sure your doors have deadbolts and use an alarm system. Don’t hide a key outside. If you want someone to watch the house, or take care of the pets, give them a spare key to in person. Note if your garage has windows. If so, use window coverings or have your windows tinted to hide the fact that your cars are missing

Don’t advertise that you are leaving town: as for all situations, be careful what you share on social media. It is highly recommended that you do not announce that you’re leaving and avoid sharing your travel photos until you return. In addition to watching your social media posts, do not change your voice mail message saying you’re out of town.

Worrying about thieves entering your home can ruin any vacation. It can happen to any homeowner in any neighborhood therefore, putting in the effort to protect your home will pay off when you come home from vacation and you find everything as you left it. If you have any questions about homeownership or financing a home, contact a member of the Housing Buzz Team today!


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