Lovely Libraries for your Home

Published on August 10th, 2015

A home library can be more than just a room for storing old books and magazines. It can be a space for you to unwind, enter a new world, and curl up on tasteful furniture with either a fictional novel or a factual text about something you’re interested in. A well designed library adds personality and spice to a home while providing a space to expand your mind, work and relax! Home libraries come in all shapes and sizes, so choose wisely and pick the perfect one that fits your needs.

Here are a few examples:

The Vertical library: A vertical library has a lot of space for books; however the top shelves may be difficult to access. Don’t fret! There are many creative ways to make the reach easier, such as a small ladder. Note: In any situation that involves a ladder, make sure that there is adequate support wherever you place it so that it is safe to climb.

Wooden Library: Although some people may feel cramped and secluded in a wooden library, others appreciate the classical vibe and think it is a great place to read or entertain guests.

Two Story Library: Two story libraries are for the avid reader who owns many books and needs the space to store them. This library consists of an upper level that is usually much smaller than the first level. The two levels are connected by either a sturdy ladder or staircase that matches the theme of the room.

Overall, a library is a great addition to a home. Whether your goal is to create a space for private reading, or a room for socialization, a home library can do both! Impress your guests by increasing your book collection and organizing it in style!

If you are interested in financing a home with a library, or any home for that matter, it is best to get in touch with a mortgage professional. For more information on home financing, contact a member of the Housing Buzz Team today!


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