Happy #fbf (Flashback Friday)!

Published on August 21st, 2015

The Housing Buzz team would like to acknowledge this day of the week with a flashback into Home History. We will be bringing you fun facts, unique tidbits, and brief explanations on the common – or not-so-common – features and intriguing concepts pertaining to homes over the past century and beyond.

Have you ever wondered about the grotesque characters on antique doorknockers?

Or pondered the mystery of the disappearance of the milkman?

Or thought of the possibility that maybe front doors have more meaning, and may be the actual “eyes to the soul”?

Home History hopes to answer all of these and more.

Is there a topic you would like to see discussed? Contact us today with your question, and we will hit the books.  Please enjoy #HH (Home History) from the Housing Buzz Team!


Who’s there?

A quick history lesson!

Centuries ago, before doorbells existed (or electricity for that matter), doorknockers were a common household accessory. Today, doorbells have replaced many however; the original purpose of doorknockers went beyond signaling the arrival of guests. They often held cultural symbolism depending on geographic location and time period. Here are some historical tidbits about the origin of doorknockers, what they meant to different groups of people, and their evolution.

During the medieval ages, many doorknockers designs involved an ugly monster or gargoyle to ward off evil spirits. The earliest designs were modeled after Greek statues that resembled such characters. If you ever come across a hand shaped doorknocker, it is representing the Hand of Fatima which protects from evil in Islamic belief. Alternatively, rather than focusing on keeping evil out, some doorknockers were posted on the front door in wishes of good luck within the home, including symbols such as horseshoes, stars, or flowers.


It’s the 21st century.

Doorknockers aren’t as popular today, as the importance of their cultural meaning has been slowly deflating and doorbells are installed. However, doorknockers are still seen today whether in addition to a doorbell or by themselves. Some homeowners feel that doorknockers allude to a welcoming atmosphere as they invite visitors to announce their request for entrance. Although doorknockers have taken to a more modern and uniformed style, ironmongery allows them to be customized in to different shapes and even include family names. And here is a special hint: doorknockers make for fun house warming gifts.

When a housing opportunity is knocking at your door, our team is here to answer! If you have any questions about home value or financing a home, please feel free to contact the Housing Buzz Team today.


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