How home interiors have changed over the years

Published on August 3rd, 2015

From kitchens to master bedrooms, it’s evident that floor plans and interior designs have evolved drastically over the past fifty years. New homebuyers are more concerned with the size of their home then buyers have been in the past. People are seeking homes with larger rooms and open floor plans which bring a sense of openness and natural sunlight.

The Living Room: The purpose of a living room has changed dramatically. Living rooms were located towards the back of the house and were only for family use. Nowadays the living room is an open space placed near the entrance of the home that is used for entertaining guests. In modern homes, the living room ceilings are usually higher and are filled with large windows.

The Dining Room: The use for a dining room has recently decreased. Most families prefer to eat in the kitchen where you don’t have to worry about carrying dishes to and from the kitchen. People are now transforming their dining rooms into offices, playrooms, or libraries.

The Bathroom: It used to be that the bathroom was a very small space with just the essentials. Now we see elaborate bathrooms with a bathtub that is separate from the shower, double sinks, and many other amenities that make bathrooms more luxurious.

The Master Bedroom: Modern homes often have a master bedroom. This large bedroom usually comes with a bathroom attached. They are big enough to include a sitting area, and even a walk-in closet. Walk-in closets gained popularity as consumption habits increased and people needed more space for their clothes, shoes and other accessories.

The Kitchen: Along with many other rooms in modern homes, the kitchen is now a more open space with easy access to other essential spots in the home. Homebuyers today are attracted to kitchens with marble countertops and high end appliances. It is also used as a social space where people can mingle while food is prepared.

Homes are changing faster than you think! It is important to stay up to date so that you can get the most out of your lovely home. If you have any questions about financing a new home, we have the answers! Contact a member of the Housing Buzz Team today.


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