Keeping a Clean House

Published on January 11th, 2016

There are so many different reasons why a clean home is important. Taking a small amount of time each day to tidy up and clean certain rooms will make getting the job done much easier. By taking time each day, you don’t let all of the dust and grime build up. Think about it, it is so much easier cleaning a little at a time rather than cleaning the entire house, leaving you with no time to relax afterward! Below are some things you can do to make and keep a clean home:

  1. Make a list - Each day you should make a list of the things that you want to accomplish when cleaning. You can see all of the things you have to do, and when you finish one task, you can check it off of your list!

  2. Narrow down your supplies - Don’t buy a bunch of cleaning supplies that you won’t even touch. Try buying multi-purpose cleaning supplies, that way you don’t have things cluttering your cabinets. You can also try making your own cleaning supplies!

  3. Know where to start - Begin by going through the house and picking up things that need to go back to their designated place and then put them there. Next, sweep, vacuum, and mop the areas that need it, and finally, spot-check the windows. Start a routine and stick to it!

  4. Take one room at a time - It also helps if you conquer cleaning one room at a time. By doing this, you can gauge how much you have already cleaned and what you have left.


Incorporating these tips into your cleaning regimen may be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, you will be speed cleaning in no time!


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