How to Decorate Your Home Like a Graveyard

Published on October 26th, 2016

This Halloween is the perfect time to go all-out with the decorations. Instead of the usual cobwebs and window décor, why not turn your entire yard into a spooky graveyard? Below are some ideas on how you can achieve this spooky look this season!

It’s very easy to find plastic headstones at any party store during this time of year, but making your own is a lot more fun. Your yard will be much more convincing if you let your creativity run free! It can also be a fun project for you and your kids.

Plywood is affordable and very easy to paint. You can draw the outline of your headstones on the plywood and then use a jigsaw to cut them out. Make sure you use gloves and goggles, and if you are a kid, make sure you ask for adult supervision. Cut out simple shapes like rectangles or the traditional round top. Get a little more creative with an elaborate shape.

Any hardware store should have granite spray paint if you are going for a realistic look and texture. Twelve ounce cans are anywhere from $8-10. For old and distressed looking headstones, add some “moss” by dabbing green paint with a sponge. You can also add names, dates and epitaphs for more detail on the headstones. Coming up with the names and epitaphs are probably the most fun part about the project. Lettering stencils are easy to find at your local craft supply store, or you can do hand-lettering. Use a ruler to keep things straight!

To keep your headstones from falling over in your yard, you can attach a pipe clamp to the backside at the bottom on each side. Put large nails or metal stakes into the ground through the loops. For more stability, try nailing a short board to the top of the headstone and then attaching a board diagonally to that board to prop the headstone up.

Once all of your headstones are in place, it’s time to make your yard spooky! You can pile some dirt in front of the headstone to make it look like a fresh grave. Dig in the pile of dirt to make it look like something tried to make its way out. A variety of stores also sell plastic or animatronic figures to populate your yard. You can dismantle a plastic skeleton and place the bones around the yard. Place a hand in a pile of dirt to make it look as if something was clawing its way out of a grave.

Lastly, a fog machine can give your yard the perfect graveyard atmosphere, as well as make the plastic figures look a little more realistic. Fog machines are available around this time for around $60 at most party supply stores.

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