What to Do When You Move In Your First Home

Published on November 25th, 2016

Congratulations on your first home purchase! You no longer have to deal with your landlord’s restrictions and now have a place you can finally call your own. However, owning your own home comes with some new important responsibilities, including paying for repairs, taking extra care of your home’s exterior, or plumbing and insulation costs.                    

Follow these tips to ensure a smooth transition into home ownership! Are you still looking into your financing options? Contact a mortgage advisor today or get your free rate quote to estimate your monthly mortgage payment.

Here is what to do as soon as you move into your first home:

Change your Address – It’s best to do this as early as you can. Stop by your post office immediately and contact any government or business bodies to make sure your mail is going to the right place.

Change your Locks – Be sure to change your locks shortly after move in. Former residents could still have access to your home along anyone else that has a copy of their key.

Contact Utility Companies – You’ll need to call your local utility company to connect the energy services to your name instead of the home’s previous resident’s. This is a simple process and some of the utilities you’ll need to contact include gas, electricity, garbage, sewer and water.

Connect your Internet or cable – If you’d like to have Internet or cable right away, book your installation appointment a few weeks in advance before you move in. Internet service providers are often booked weeks in advance so be sure to book your appointment as soon as you can.

Have your home professionally cleaned – Most residents will clean the home before they leave but if the house is vacant for an extended period you should clean it again. Clean your whole home yourself or hire professionals to ensure your home’s cleanliness before you bring in the furniture.

Update Friends/Family/Work – Update your friends, family and employer with your new address and contact information so they can contact you when you start living at your new residence.

Know where the water shut-offs are – This includes both shutting off outside water and the main water shut-off. This is useful to know as soon as you move in.

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