7 Home Décor Trends to Daydream About in 2016

Published on February 2nd, 2016

Whether you are planning ahead for a spring clean-up, just bought a new home, or just like looking at pretty pictures, these home décor trends will provide you with plenty of inspiration. Share pictures of your lovely house using the hashtag #ilovemyhome.




Neutrals & grays with bursts of color: The most popular color scheme this year is to keep it neutral, but add a splash of color. You can go for a woodland look with browns or you can stay classy and modern by using grays or silver. Create an accent wall with a splash of color – or even an Ombré. You can also decorate the room with colorful vases, pillows and furnishings. If you need help picking out a color, check out Behr’s 2016 color chart. Click on one of the main colors and it will show you a palette to match.


Cute cacti on a shelf with lights (image courtesy of Lurch Hound Loves).


Minimalist & geometric elements with Scandinavian roots: The minimalist / modern looks have been around for a while and it looks like they are here to stay. Recently, Scandinavian styles have been taking over by storm. These include things like wooden folding chairs, floating wall shelves, tents, monochromatic accents and wall decor, feathers, large spherical light fixtures and cacti plants.


Some ideas: Re-do your bathroom with geometric black and white tile; create your own black & white paintings using spray paint and rulers or blue painter’s tape to get clean, geometric lines; spruce up a plain room by installing a few floating shelves and load them up with little cacti plants.


A high-tech master bathroom with a shower that looks like something from an outer space movie (image courtesy of Houzz).


More high-tech in unexpected places: One of the most surprising trends of the year is high-tech bathrooms. With bidets, heated floors, saunas and showers that play music, the bathroom is now the “Zen room.” Bathroom renovations can get expensive, but if you’re decorating on a budget, you can easily spruce up the bathroom with colorful thrift store vases, metallic wall art, and little low-maintenance plants.


Statement mirror with a floating shelf (image courtesy of Ramshackle Glam)


Make a statement: Another bathroom trend this year is statement mirrors. It’s an easy spruce to the room – and can be added in any room, for that matter. Find an oval mirror or one with a more irregular shape and install some funky light fixtures. It makes an overlooked area much more fun. You’ll never want to stop looking at your reflection!


High contrast kitchen cabinets (image courtesy of Home DIT).


Mix-Matched kitchens: Over the past few years, we have seen a lot of matchy-matchy kitchens-- stainless steel everything, with islands and bar stools. Now, mix-matched cabinets are very popular and black steel appliances are on many wish lists. Although white cabinets are a classic look, feel free to go bold by adding a little color or texture to the place. Don’t be afraid of some high-contrast.


A cozy woodland room with modern gray furniture. This looks relaxing. (Image courtesy of HGTV)


Warm & cozy spaces: Last, but not least, make your entire house your space. Whether your style is modern or traditional, fill your home with things you love. More important than colors or patterns is individuality. As trends evolve, we are beginning to see a mix of everything. Find what makes you happy and run with it. Feel free to mix that antique rug with some IKEA furniture. Fill your home with lace, or faux fur, or plants. As interior designer Robert Stilin explains: “It is all about comfort, tradition, and valuing the home and much less about show.”


Share pictures with us on social media using the hashtag #ilovemyhome! As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Housing Buzz team today.

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