5 Free Apps to Help You Manage Your Finances

Published on April 28th, 2016

Managing your money is hard. From your budget, to retirement, to paying bills on time, things can get tricky. These 5 apps will save you time and headaches. Your information will be kept safe and your money together in one place.


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You’ll never forget to pay your next mortgage bill with this app. Mint is an award-winning app that can manage your budget and savings, and also has a partner app (Mint Bills) that pays your bills for you. The display is clean and easy to use, and you can visually see how you are achieving your financial goals. Mint can also provide you with a free credit repot, along with daily monitoring and credit alerts.


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If you are having a hard time saving for your down payment, Digit will help you get there slowly but surely. Digit is especially helpful for those who are “spenders.” This app will analyze your income and spending through your bank account and finds small amounts of money to safely save it for you. Every 2-3 days, Digit transfers anywhere from $5-50 from your checking account to your Digit savings account. It guarantees that it will never overdraft your account. You can easily access your savings when you need it by texting.


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Level Money

Do you have a solid savings goal you’d like to reach? This app will help you get there fast and let you know how much you can safely spend on fun things every month. Level Money tracks your daily cash flow so you can “spend smarter.” On the first of the month, Level Money “fills up” with your estimated income. It then sets aside a specific amount to help you plan ahead for your bills and your personal savings goals. The “left-overs” is then your daily/weekly/monthly spending.

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Are you just getting started with a saving goal? Qapital is another useful app to help you save money, little by little. When you buy something you want, the app will round that amount up to the next dollar, and puts that small leftover amount into a savings account until you reach your goal. If you buy a cup of coffee worth $2.50, the app rounds that up to $3.00 and adds $0.50 to your savings goal. You can create groups and save with your family and friends.


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Personal Capital

If you’re an experience saver and have a lot of personal assets, this app will keep those straight. Personal Capital can monitor more than your savings and checking accounts – it calculates your net worth. It analyses your investments, assets, portfolio, and retirement funds. You can compare your portfolio to major indices and find the exact percentage of each asset in your portfolio. Personal Capital also calculates your 401(k) fee and mutual-fund fee to let you know if you’re paying too much.


Saving money shouldn’t be hard-- it should be rewarding. Let these apps guide you through the money management process with a breeze. If you’re planning on buying a home, set a goal to reach your home down payment amount within a certain number of months. You’ll probably be amazed at how these apps make saving easier.


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