The top best things to do when you move to San Francisco

Published on June 24th, 2016

Have you ever had that dream when you were a little kid about living in the famous house from the TV show Full House? I think every 90’s baby had that dream; the show taught us so many lessons and brought the family together. Well, now that you graduated it is time to make the big move! It might not be in your budget to purchase the Full House home, but you can still land your own dream home in San Francisco.

Things to do in San Francisco


Sight-seeing opportunities

San Fran has countless sight-seeing opportunities within the area. Make it a goal that every weekend you take time out of your Sunday and visit some of these places:

Alcatraz Island

Spend a few hours of your day traveling on a ferry to Alcatraz Island! You will learn about the history of the island and hear some stories about why Alcatraz is so legendary. Be sure to buy the tickets in advance before the tour date because they sell out very quickly especially during the summer and the holidays.

Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

One of the top things you want to make sure you cross off your bucket list is to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge. Be sure to check out the website for the Golden Gate Bridge because they have set hours for when you are allowed to walk across and which side is open for that day.

Take on the 49-mile drive

Want to learn and see all of San Francisco’s history? Then the San Francisco 49 mile drive is the drive you want to take! In just this drive alone you will be exposed to all of the natural wonders of San Francisco, you will even be able to catch a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge as well.

Take a picture in front of the Full House house

Take yourself back to the good ole days! Get a few pictures of yourself and some friends in front of the home but make sure that you are at the right address! Don’t go to the row of pastel colored houses called the “Painted Ladies,” a lot of people assume this is where the house is because of the opening credits of the show but that is NOT the house.

Where to eat


This is a restaurant that will make you feel like you just took an express trip to France itself. Their meals reflect the countries culture but they also like to incorporate local ingredients as well.

The Perennial

If you have a green thumb, this restaurant is for you! Talk about being eco-friendly, this place has it all. They use perennial farming, hydroponics (growing plants without soil) and energy efficiency in their everyday operations.

China Live

This restaurant is in the heart of Chinatown; the complex is well over 20,000 square feet and is a building full of activities. There will be interactive activities, numerous vendors to check out and a fine dining restaurant upstairs called Eight Tables.


Did any of these great things in the San Francisco area get you excited about the move to your new home? If so, that’s great, if you want some more info on why San Francisco is one of the top cities for graduates, visit one of our recently posted blogs to learn more!

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