Why You Should House Hunt on 4th of July Weekend

Published on June 27th, 2016

Declare financial Independence on Independence Day.             

The 4th of July is a great time for family, friends, food, and fireworks.  As you are busy thinking about how many hamburgers you will scarf down at your dad’s barbeque over the weekend, you won’t realize that this weekend is also a good time to do some house hunting. 

Don’t ignore the “Open House” signs you see around town.  Many other people will disregard open houses during this time because they want to save this weekend for parties and celebrations. This means that fewer people are looking for a home, ergo, less competition. Since it is a holiday, many people take time off of work. This means that they have more time to spend showing homes.

If you are willing to spend a holiday weekend trying to buy or sell, you are serious. Typically when someone is house hunting during a holiday, they have a good reason to do so. Your agents and loan officers will know that you are extremely interested in buying, and not just perusing your options. If they know your intentions, they will take you more seriously. They will do more than present you with facts and options. When your real estate agent is willing to work with you over the holiday (and be flexible around their holiday related events), it shows that they are a dedicated advisor for you.

Nosy neighbors will not be a problem.  Frequently, when someone is trying to sell, a neighbor will act interested simply because they are nosy.  They would like to know how much the home is worth or what the interior looks like so they can compare.  But they will be busy running around with sparklers, they won’t be worrying about whose house is better. This will give you more one on one time with agents/officers and more time to browse during an open house.

There tend to be more homes on the market during this time. Since it is summer, kids are out of school. People with children often try to sell their home during the summer so they can move their kids prior to the school year.  Selling and buying a home in July and early August is great for them because their kids can be settled into the new home and they can feel prepared for school.

Don’t feel that house hunting on a holiday is inconvenient for everyone. If home sellers and agents/officers want to sell a home, they will do whatever they can and they will be happy when you buy (even if it means they have to skip out on Aunt Kim’s famous pasta salad).

Be proud to live in America and don’t miss out on the house of your dreams!

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