How to Throw the Best Backyard BBQ Bash

Published on July 1st, 2016

Fourth of July is right around the corner, so make sure your BBQ is the place to be in your neighborhood! Follow these tips to make your BBQ bash perfect and fun for the whole family. Missing the backyard or looking for a new place to throw your backyard party? Get the digital mortgage party started with a free online rate quote.

DIY Backyard Games for Everyone

Are children going to be attending the BBQ? Keep them occupied so the adults can play while enjoying some beverages and the amazing weather, too. Here are a few DIY backyard games that are easy to create and will keep the children entertained for hours:

Yard Twister: People of all ages love this classic game to bring out the competition in all of us. Use ground marking spray paint to prevent any damage to your lawn. Make the board as large or as small as you like.

Balloon Dart Board: Get the kids involved by creating this easy backyard game! Let the kids blow up the balloons and then tape them to a board. Just be mindful of the children throwing darts at the balloons. Make sure the little ones are away from throwing range!

Glow in the Dark Ring Toss: This is a great activity once the sun goes down on your Fourth of July BBQ! Purchase red, white and blue glow sticks and form them into rings. Hammer steaks or wooden poles in the ground and see who scores the most points! The whole family can play a few games right before the fireworks begin! 

Games are a great ice-breaker if you’re throwing a party with friends from your new neighborhood. If you want to get a little bit more creative with the games you can learn more on the Listotic Website.

BBQ Essentials

When throwing a BBQ, there are certain must-have things to make it the best and to include everyone in the festivities. Make sure you have great music, have beverages going all night and the food options are on point!

Drink Station: Having kids at the BBQ doesn’t mean the adults can’t have a little (responsible) fun, as well! Have the perfect drink station set up for guests to serve themselves whenever they need a drink. Use cut crystal plastic cups for a classy look without the threat of shattered glass and easy clean-up once the party is done.

Serve a Variety of Dishes: Don’t stick to the usual hamburgers and hot dogs for this Fourth of July BBQ. Wow your guests with some great recipes that will fill them up for the rest of the night. Try sneaking in some vegetarian or vegan dishes for the health-conscious members of your family. Grilled zucchini, corn on the cob, roasted redskin potatoes and steamed green beans are delicious options you can spruce up with a variety of spices. Chances are the meat eaters will enjoy them, too!

Grilled Desserts, Anyone? If you are feeling a little adventurous and want to try something a little different, grill your ice cream for a change. It is super easy to prepare. The secret?  Just dip frozen ice-cream balls in egg and dried coconut several times, skewer and sear over an open flame.

Music is Key: Playing music while grilling will definitely get the guests grooving. There is nothing like great music and dancing to entertain your guests.  Spotify and Pandora has great playlists for every occasion possible. Check out Spotify’s party playlist or Pandora’s special holiday stations.

If you are interested in finding the right home so you can throw an amazing BBQ bash, then contact one of our mortgage advisors today or get the party started with a free rate quote today.




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