7 Cities for Newlyweds to call Home Sweet Home

Published on September 9th, 2016

You have just tied the knot, congratulations! After you have enjoyed your amazing honeymoon, it is time to start thinking about where you want to start your future together. There are many factors to keep in mind when trying to decide where to move. Future careers and school systems are definitely high priority, especially if you two are planning on starting a family in the near future. If you are unsure about where start, let vLoan help you out! Keep reading to see the top 7 cities that could be ideal for your new “home sweet home” as newlyweds.

7. Lewisville, TX

Did you marry someone with a little bit of southern charm? Well if that’s the case, go ahead and make the move down south to Lewisville, Texas. There are plenty of outdoor activities to take part in as a new couple and the weather is consistently warm, which means you won’t have to worry about snow jackets very much.

6. San Diego, CA

Is great nightlife a priority for you both? Because San Diego’s population is majority Millennials, according to Rent.com, there are always new places popping up for you two to go and get your groove on throughout the night!

5. Lincoln, NE

Are you two looking for a city that is bustling with new and different career opportunities? Then Lincoln, Nebraska could be the right fit for you both. According to Rent.com, mortgages payments are relatively low, so you both as newlyweds will have the opportunity to work and put some money away for those times that you want to do some home renovations, buy new furniture or invest your money in something else.

4.  Arlington, VA

Are you looking for some variety?  Arlington, Virginia has plenty of shopping, dining and entertainment to help spice up your lives. Do you both enjoy learning about history? If that is the case, there are many different historical sites to visit as well, considering Arlington’s proximity to the nation’s capital.

 3. Greely, CO

Are you looking for a place that takes great pride in their culture? Greely, Colorado is the place to check out! The community celebrates their culture often, with festivals and events throughout the year. Joining Greely’s mix of culture, diversity and a great sense of community that will help you justify the big move if you’re coming from the east coast!

2.  Vista, CA

Do you consider yourselves an active couple? Enjoy the many natural wonders in Vista and explore during your free time. You are only a couple minutes away from the Pacific Ocean, so you can visit the beach quite often and soak up some rays together.

1. Santa Clara, CA

Boredom is certainly not an option for the people that live in Santa Clara. There are so many historical mansions to explore and many different cultural events that happen throughout the year, which will definitely keep you both on your toes. If you’re a foodie, the city of Santa Clara has many different restaurants with all kinds of options to choose from and food festivals to enjoy!

If any of these cities sound like a perfect place for you newlyweds, go ahead and get the process started early with a free rate quote or contact one of our vLoan mortgage advisors today, so that you can buy the dream home that you have always wanted.  

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