5 Creative Ways to Hang Your Wedding Photos

Published on February 14th, 2017


Are your home’s walls in need of a make-over? If you’ve been sitting in your living room noticing the blank white walls staring right at you, then it might be time to spruce them up. You have been so busy with the everyday hustle and bustle that you never actually realized that wall was so empty. Maybe you have wedding photos you had no idea how to show them off. Well now is the perfect opportunity to do so. Here are 5 creative ways to show off your special day in your home!

Canvas Wall Displays

Take 5 or 6 of your favorite wedding photos and take them to your local photo center and have them printed on canvas. There are many different layouts you can follow to make your pictures look lovely on your wall to look at your memories for a lifetime.


 Image courtesy of Shutterfly.com

Window Frames

If you are into upcycling, you can use an old window frame to display your wedding photos. Personalize the frames with any color paint. Check out thrift or second-hand stores to find a wide variety of styles to get that shabby-chic look to your room.

Image courtesy of thebudgetdecorator.com


Old Jars CAN be put to good use

Do you have extra jars lying around the house you just can’t seem to find a use for? Use them to display your wedding photos! This is an easy project to complete and it will give your photos a new look that is sure to be a conversation starter for whenever you have guests over.

Image courtesy of KateWhelanevents.com

Block Letter Collages

Another great way to show off your marriage is by having large collages of your wedding photos on block letters that form your initials. By having your initials on the wall, you show off your union of love and you get to showcase your favorite moments from your special day!  This is a very easy DIY project to take on and you can reminisce with your husband or wife about the special moments you shared that day.

 Image courtesy of myanythingandeverything.com

An Honorific Wall Arrangement

Need a quick DIY project for your wedding photos that won’t take up a lot of time? Picking a simple frame and theme for your favorite photos is a great place to start! After you have done that, find block letters at your local crafts store, choose a layout for your photos you like the most and hang them up on your wall.


Image courtesy of mybungalow.org

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