3 Ways to Make your Home a Better Place for Living

Published on February 24th, 2017


Do you feel like you’re outgrowing your home or its beginning to get too cluttered and messy? Love your home again with a positive attitude and some creative ideas! It’s your home and there are many things you can do to your home to make it a better place for living. Check out these three easy DIY projects you can create for your home.

  1. Spruce up Your Nightstand

Do you want to personalize your bedside tables to give your bedroom a different feel? It’s cost-effective, simple and won’t take too long to complete this project. The only two things you need are: a new or vintage drawer handle of your choosing and self-adhesive marble or other decorative paper. Just measure the dimensions of the table top and cut the marble paper accordingly. Replace your old, drab drawer handles with your new fresh one. This is great way to freshen up any table in your home.

  1. Coffee-Lover Station

Do you seem to have a lot of coffee items lying around the kitchen from your morning routine? Here is a quick and simple way to organize and modernize your very own coffee station. Cube shelving units are great for storage and you can even make your own with milk or wine crates. For even more organization, you can even purchase design storage cubes to fit in your shelves to keep your coffee items hidden. The new shelving itself gives you enough room on the top for your beloved Keurig and gives your counters more room to breathe.

  1. Conversation Piece for your Living Room

Do you want something in your living room that speaks to people the minute they walk in and leaves them with questions? If so, create a wine crate coffee table. You will need: 4 wine crates, a square piece of wood for the base and 4 legs that go with your living room décor. This is a super easy DIY project to complete and the team has included a video to help you out with building this creation.

Video Courtesy of BuzzFeed Videos


You should be pleased with the way your home looks at all times. With these simple upgrades to your living areas, your home will become a better place to live in no time! If you have any questions about your mortgage, do not hesitate to contact one of our mortgage advisors today. We can’t wait to speak with you.


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