Recycling 101 At Home

Published on March 10th, 2017


Recycling at home is commitment that involves the whole family for it to be successful, all members of the household need to be on board. The process of recycling does not have to be a daunting process; it can be fun for the whole family and could potentially save you money. Check out some of these tips that you can use to jump start your recycling at home!


Convenience is Key

A large part that goes into having a successful recycling system at home is to make it convenient for everyone. If it is a hassle for people, they are more than likely not going to recycle. Make bins that are specifically labeled for different recycling items and create a storage area for them in your kitchen or garage. You can even make the bins easily accessible if they are stored in low areas by adding wheels to the bottom of you bins.

Design your own Station

Sometimes it’s tricky to figure out if an item is recyclable or not. Most cities or recycling centers have lists of items that are recyclable. Recyclable items are not always paper, plastic and cans; there are some items are all around your home you can recycle, such as batteries. This is where creating a recycle station can be beneficial. You can create this countertop station by using old coffee cans and turning them into recycling bins for your old batteries, lightbulbs and other small items.

Are you a Coffee Drinker?

If you are a coffee lover, reusing K-cups® is a great new way to help the environment! K-cups® of any size can be used to organize small items, like rubber bands or paperclips, in your desks and drawers. Do you have little kids running around the house? K-cups® also serve as great molds for tiny popsicles, another money-saving tip!


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