10 Tips for a Smooth Home Remodel

Published on March 29th, 2017

Are you planning a home remodeling project soon? Whether your goal is to improve your home’s environmental footprint, increase your home’s value or just to switch things up, effective communication with your remodeler is crucial! Any remodeling project can be overwhelming, especially with so many moving parts involved. Delays and misunderstandings can ruin a project and add costs, frustration and stress. Follow these tips below to guarantee your project flows as smoothly as possible.

Communicate Effectively

Communication is essential with your remodeler and all other parties involved. Make sure you clearly define your remodel goals so he/she can share your vision and help plan accordingly. Your remodeler should listen, understand and answer questions honestly and clearly. All parties should make themselves available and should commit to returning calls promptly. Ask questions if you don’t understand something and be available in case problems arise.

Connect with your Remodeler

Depending on your project timeline, you’ll be spending at least a few weeks with your remodeler. Establish a connection and find common interests to enable a positive work relationship and establish trust.

Set a Schedule

Set and agree upon a scheduled timeline to avoid conflict and problems later in the project. Be understanding if schedules change due to unforeseen circumstances and communicate openly if you request a change in the schedule to work around your conflicts.

Request a Written Proposal

You may remember the initial conversations with your remodeler differently than he/she does. Get everything in writing and work with your remodeler to ensure you get what you want.

Be Flexible

Remodeling can sometimes feel like it’s taking over and interrupting your normal life. Stay flexible when things happen you may not have anticipated. Go with the flow and remember it’s only temporary.

Establish a Project Plan

Create a big-picture plan and communicate it with your home remodeler. Discuss your wants and needs. Cover every little detail. Make sure your remodeler listens and answers all of your concerns.

Write Down the Details

Did unexpected things happen during your remodel? Write them down! Keep records of events as they happen in case you need to change your plan or, worst-case scenario, fire your remodeler if the job went sour.

Pack Away Valuables

You’ll most likely have a team of remodelers in and around your home for quite some time. While you may trust your remodeler, you may not meet everyone they hire to do the hard work. Pack away your valuables and lock them up in a storage unit or a room they can’t access.

Define Your Budget

Be realistic about the amount you’re willing to spend and stick to it. Restrict your budget to at least 5-10% of the market value of your home until the project is complete.

Have a Backup Plan

Some materials you may have wanted may not be readily available or in budget once the project is underway. Have a backup plan to prevent delays in your timeline and avoid additional costs.

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