Why May is a Home Seller’s Magic Month

Published on May 1st, 2017

Almost any economy can be broken down into a science. For real estate, reports show May is the best month out of the whole year to sell your home.  Listing your home toward the end of spring greatly increases your chance of selling faster and at a higher price.

According to a Zillow analysis, the first two weeks of May are ideal for sellers nationwide. Many home shoppers start their searches in early spring. By May, shoppers have looked at multiple homes and possibly made multiple offers.

By May, shoppers become more willing to increase their bids to avoid disappointment of losing their dream home, again.

Homes sold in May sell around 18.5 days faster than other months. Homes sold during the first two weeks of May tend to be purchased for 1 percent more than an average listing. That’s roughly $1,700.

How to optimize your May home listing

To optimize your home sale even further, list your home at the end of the work week or on the weekend to increase how many people see the new listing.

Listing your home on a Saturday can add an additional 20 percent more views on Zillow than if you posted it on a Monday.

If you’re deciding when to host an open house, know that listing interest can drop off fast. Most views of your house listing occur within the first week. They drop off significantly after that. It’s best to schedule and share your open house as soon as you list your house.

Listing your home during the optimal times of the year, week and even day can help sell if fast at the price you want. Next think you know, you’ll be ready to find the next home of your dreams. When you are, we can help determine the best way to finance the next step. Contact a mortgage advisor today at 1-844-77-vLoan to discuss your home buying options after you sell your home.

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