The Future of Home Building Tech is Automation

Published on May 15th, 2017

As builders struggle to keep up with housing market demand, entrepreneurial businesses are disrupting the market by automating home building technology. Companies like Blueprint Robotics and Autodesk help fill labor and skills gaps  with innovative tech and processes that build homes and apartments off-site for less money and in a fraction of the time.

To meet the growing demand for homes, builders hire factories to manufacture homes in sections, transport on trucks lay down each modular section on the foundation with cranes – like giant Legos. Some modular sections are fully framed rooms with gourmet kitchens or tile showers.

Plants are capable of producing large buildings like hotels, mansions or dorms with elaborate designs. Sections can even be delivered with beds and furniture included, too.

Once the home is finished, it’s difficult to tell a modular home from a traditionally built one.

With indoor facilities, homes can be built in 6-8 weeks without the threat of weather delays. Workers focus on specific tasks to increase production. A background in construction isn’t necessary.

When the modular sections are delivered to the construction site, about 60 percent of the home is already complete and almost any custom design is possible.

Modular construction allows homes to be built more cost-effectively, bringing prices down for home buyers in some markets. Modular makes homes affordable and gets people into homes faster – a great benefit to any home buyer.

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