5 People That Attend Open Houses

Published on May 30th, 2017

Contrary to everyone’s beliefs, not everyone at an open house is a potential buyer. An open house in the neighborhood means a property is open to just about anyone who notices the advertisements strategically placed around by a real estate agent and their company. There are five “types” of people you can expect to attend open houses.  Which one are you?

1.The Buyer

These people are actually somewhere in the buying process. They can be anywhere from getting their feet wet to see what is in the market or they could be looking to purchasing a home in the very near future. Buyers may use the open houses as their second or third visit to the home so they can become more comfortable with the home before signing on the dotted line.

2.The Neighbor

Open Houses also provide a prime opportunity for nosy neighbors to get a complete look into the home they have been living next to for so many years. Some just want to see how the previous owner lives and some just want to see the home is decorated. There is no way to avoid nosy neighbors; they just want to satisfy their curiosity.

3.The Agent Working For Clients

Real estate agents come to open houses to scope it out for their buyer clients. Most real estate agents are very courteous and tend to keep to themselves because they have a job to accomplish. But then there are some instances where agents can be very unprofessional about things and share their negative thoughts about the property to their client for everyone else in the open house to hear.

4.The Agent Who Didn’t Make the Cut

When a person wants to sell a home, they will go through the process of interviewing multiple agents before they find the right one to fulfill their needs. Not every agent interviewed will be able to secure a listing. Those agents who did not get the listing often show up to the open house to see if the homeowners took any of their advice on colors, staging  etc.

5.A Previous Owner

Open houses may even serve as a “walk down memory lane” for some guests because they were previous owners of the home. They really just want to come to the open house so they can see what has been done to the home and what has stayed since they lived there. Being able to revisit memories from an old childhood home is a golden moment for a family.

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