How to Research Homes Online

Published on May 9th, 2017

When people search for homes, or just about anything nowadays, it all starts with a search online. You begin looking at the listings available in your area and soon enough you find yourself scrolling for hours, looking into more details about your dream home. Here are three tools to use when looking for homes online.

Check the building records

Look to see if there are any permit records for the house. In some cases, sellers need to disclose information about any work they put into the home so finding the information won’t be too challenging. It’s a red flag if you can’t find permits when you know work has been done to the bathroom; the renovations could possibly lack the proper health or safety codes.

Use Google to your advantage

Google has many great features you can use along with their amazing search capabilities. They offer something called Google Street View which provides photos of a home you search and the surrounding area. This is a great tool to use to give you a firsthand look of what the neighborhood looks like before you make the drive. After all, a “picture is worth a 1,000 words.”

Consider looking up a neighborhood crime app

Many apps are available to show you how your potential neighborhood ranks when it comes to crime. Some of these apps list registered sex offenders and others who have been reported for assault, theft, robbery and homicide. Submit an address to generate lists of people with these arrest records within a five-mile radius. This information can help you make your decision to purchase a particular home or not.

So much information is available to buyers online. Take advantage of the information at hand to make a justified choice in which home to buy. Call vLoan today at 1-844-77-vLoan to schedule a free consultation and get the process started early with a free online rate quote.

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