The 6 Best Mobile Apps for Homeowners

Published on June 12th, 2017

With the world constantly becoming more technologically advanced, it is no surprise there are apps for everything to make life easier in every aspect, even homeownership! Check out these six apps that will help you stay up to date on bills, home projects and more.

1. Billminder ($1.99)

Billminder could be your next best friend! This app manages all of your bills for you, keeping you on top of your payments. Billminder also has the capability of syncing with multiple devices, ensuring everyone in the household is aware  when certain bills are due. Billminder protects all of your information and even analyzes where your money is being spent, enabling it to make recommendations on how you can save in the future. Spending habits are easily seen through personalized reports.

2. Remember the Milk

Looking to be more productive? This app is great for individuals or families on-the-go.  Create lists and reminders within the app in order to be reminded via text or email notifications. Lists can be organized and prioritized and then synced with other devices so you can receive help with tasks.

3. AroundMe

This app is great for new homeowners or if you are unfamiliar with an area. AroundMe uses your location to identify the businesses and stores nearby. If you are craving a cup of coffee; open the app and select the category: coffee shops. A list of nearby coffee shops will appear, displaying the distance from your current location.

4. ColorSmart by BEHRÒ

Are you looking to put a fresh coat of paint on your walls? ColorSmart makes it easier to find the perfect color! You can browse through a variety of colors and select ones most appealing to you. While you are using BEHR’s touch-and-tap technology, you are able to paint an image of your room with one tap. After choosing colors, save them and use the app’s store locator to find out where you can pick up your colors. Choosing the right color has never been simpler!

5. HomeSavvy

HomeSavvy is the perfect app for homeowners anticipating or in the midst of a home project. Home maintenance can be tracked and scheduled through this app. Whether the task is large or small, HomeSavvy will keep you on track with reminders and a customized schedule that works for you. HomeSavvy also recommends ways to save money depending on the project and offers the name of professionals in the area if you find  assistance is necessary.

6. Photo Measures

Are you looking to furnish your new home or remodel an existing room? Simply take a picture of the rooms in your house and note the dimensions beneath. When you are shopping to spruce up a room, you have the exact layout and correct dimensions on hand. Now you know if that beautiful sectional  you had your eye on will fit in your living room without running home to take measurements.

Each of these apps will assist you in home owning, keeping you on track with your payments and making redecorating easier. Not in a home yet? Start the mortgage process, digitally, with vLoan. If you are looking for lower monthly rates or looking to refinance to complete home projects and renovations, call 1-844-77-vLoan or get a free rate quote today to explore your options.

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