How to Choose Which Home Is Best for You

Published on August 11th, 2017

Are you at the point where it’s time to buy a house? Or have you been house hunting for a while and can’t find the one? Are you not sure which house is right for you? Below are some easy tips on how to decide on what house is best for you.

List priorities

It’s not often when house hunting you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a house. Compromises need to be made. You (and your spouse/partner/family) should make a list of items you are looking for in your house. Then prioritize your list and rank them from needs to wants.

Don’t expect perfection

Perfection is a myth, even when it comes to houses. When you’re house hunting, walk into the house open minded; try to be optimistic and look for potential in the house. Imagine how you can fix it rather than dwelling on the negatives. 

The neighborhood is as important as the house

You’ll spend most of your time at your house. Find a neighborhood you feel safe in or somewhere you can picture your children growing up. Choosing a less appealing house in a comfortable neighborhood is better than choosing the most appealing house in a neighborhood you don’t feel comfortable in.

Your first impression matters

In life, your first impression is crucial when going into an interview or meeting someone for the first time. Why shouldn’t your first impression of a house be a deciding factor, as well? If you walk into a house and your first thought is negative or the house makes you feel sad rather than happy, it’s not the house for you. Trust your instincts. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s not.

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