vLoan Launches Most Tech-Savvy Online Pre-Qualification Tool in the Mortgage Industry

vLoan is redesigning the way people think about, and do mortgages. Purchasing a home can be an extensive process, starting from the very beginning when receiving a pre-qualification. Receiving a pre-qualification strengthens borrowers buying power, but obtaining one can be a pain.

“This is the reason we built the vQual technology,” Senior Vice President Tony Pietrocola said. “This technology allows our borrowers and their Realtors to receive a pre-qualification letter on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer instantly.”

vLoan’s top Senior Developers built the vQual technology in-house. With months of testing and preparation the team is ready to unveil the home purchasing tool to our borrowers and Realtors.

vQual users will be able to: 

  • Experience a world-class vQual dashboard, equipped with ability for app download
  • Instantly update pre-qualification letter on a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Never worry about going over the max purchase price - our high-end technology will prevent that
  • View and download updated vQual letter when changes are made within seconds
  • Prove to sellers they have a qualified buyer
  • Educate buyers if they can actually afford a specific home
  • Leads into an online/mobile loan application

“vQual not only gives our borrowers and their Realtors the negotiating power they need in today’s competitive market,” vLoan CEO, Bill Cosgrove said. “But it takes away anxiety a customer may be feeling when looking for a home.”

“For a borrower to know if they are qualified for their dream home on their Sunday house-hunting cruise within 10 seconds from a smartphone will ease any buyers mind,” added Pietrocola

Learn more about the vQual process at vLoan.com/vqual