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All things in life are constantly changing. The interest rate at which you closed your loan years ago may be insanely higher than where rates are today. Homeowners don’t realize they could literally be throwing sweet, precious Benjamins in the trashcan. Take a look at your existing mortgage and weigh the advantages of refinancing at a lower rate. We know the possibilities of savings, do you?

Refinance a new loan with a lower interest rate.

There’s always the off chance that rates are low in general but this isn’t the only way that refinancing a new loan at a lower rate is possible. If you took out a loan for your home when you credit score was a little less than perfect and now it’s higher than the past - with years comes wisdom and responsibility, we get it. You may now qualify for a lower rate because you got your credit problems resolved, good job! Secondly, if you took out an ARM and the rate unfortunately adjusted to be higher over time, you could lower your payment by switching to a Conventional.

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Refinance a new loan with a longer term.

You may be able to lower your monthly payment by refinancing and taking out a 20 or 30 year home loan. Just a heads up – although you could be reducing the amount you pay each month, there’s still a chance you will pay more in interest over the life span of the loan.

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