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The most innovate online pre-qualification tool that enhances home buyers negotiating power.

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What is a vQual?

vQual is home buying at your fingertips. This groundbreaking technology allows our borrowers and their Realtors to receive a pre-qualification letter on their mobile phone, tablet, or computer instantly.

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Fields Borrowers and Realtors Can Edit:

  1. Property address
  2. Available down payment
  3. Purchase price up to your allowance


  1. Experience a world-class vQual dashboard, equipped with ability for app download
  2. Instantly update pre-qualification letter within seconds on your smartphone, tablet, or computer
  3. Don’t worry about going over your max purchase price. Our high-end technology will prevent that.
  4. View and download updated vQual letter when changes are made within seconds
  5. Prove to sellers you are a qualified buyer
  6. Educate yourself if you can actually afford the home
  7. Leads you into an online/mobile loan application

What's the first step?

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