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3.250% Rate

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Closings in as few as 21 days, no missed closing dates means more savings for you.

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You are in control

We provide personalized rate quotes and advice but you decide what's right for you as we match you to your perfect loan.

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Digital process with a dedicated advisor

A dedicated Mortgage Advisor from quote to close utilizing technology which means less hassle for you.

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Safe and secure

Bank-level security means your personal data is always safe.

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“They were very nice to work with and kept you in the loop at all times. They answered and questions you have and walk you though the paper. They always return you phone calla or e-mails you never feel alone.”

cap7escape -

“I am old school with an insane work schedule in the medical field. Jimmy at VLoan was superb! I have always been used to the "shakedown" one receives when going into a mortgage company for a review.The methodology and technology utilized by VLoan was amazingly simple, useful and time efficient.....precisley what I needed. The best only deal with ONE person through the whole process. I HIGHLY recommend VLoan and Jimmy Myers!”

shaghiri -

“My Loan Officer, Logan Churovia with Union Home Mortgage Corp. has done a flawless job in helping me finish my refinance loan from an FHA to a Standard Loan. With my new loan I have lowered the interest rate, reduced the number of years to finish the loan, as well as removed the PMI all of which will allow me to pay off the loan quicker. Logan has become a resource for financial decisions as well for the future. With Logan and Union Home Mortgage Corp. they are going to keep an eye on the mortgage rates and will lower my rate at no cost to me if the rates go down enough that it is a wise choice to so.”

robert english34 -

“My overall experience with vLoan exceeded my expectations in every way. I had the privilege of working with Collin Baldwin, who managed my mortgage refinance from start to finish. Collin's professionalism and knowledge was exhibited throughout the entire process. He went above and beyond in responding to my inquiries and obtaining information for me in a timely and proficient manner. He followed through on every deliverable on behalf of vLoan, ensuring that the process was fast, efficient and flawless. I felt that Collin had my best interests at heart and couldn't be more pleased with the services that he provided. From the start of my application, I had full confidence in Collin and would not hesitate to recommend him to any of my family, friends or colleagues. I can't speak highly enough of my experience with vLoan and Collin Baldwin. As a consumer I feel very fortunate to have worked with such a reputable company that clearly demonstrated an edge in a competitive marketplace. I am especially grateful to Collin for all he did to make this experience such a positive one.”

lmseigle -

“Jimmy at VLoan was awesome. I have been working with Jimmy for a few months because my credit wasn't the best and I had some other financial obligations that I had to take care of first. Jimmy was patient, he was kind and he understood and gave me the proper advice that I needed to do so we could close on my refinance loan. Even though I live hundred of miles away in a completely different part of the country, I will always use vLoan and Jimmy Myers for my refinance and mortgage needs.”

stingray011 -