Moving on Up

Moving and buying, what an exciting time - what options are best for your next place? Let's find out!

Buying a New Home

Even if you’ve already been through the process of buying a home, moving and finding a new “perfect place” for you is just as exciting. But one thing that will definitely be better than your first time around is the vLoan process. We will give you customization, competitive rates, new intriguing technology and the comfort of doing the whole process from your home. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself; it takes less than 2 minutes to get a free quote!

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Choosing a property

Chances are since buying your last home your style has changed. Whether that means the style of home, size, or location – things are different. Style and location aren’t the only factors that come into play when purchasing your next home. Things such as, budget, space, and home features all add up for important things to consider in a home search.

After narrowing specifics down there are a couple of different property types to choose from – this depends on location of course!

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Single family

A home that stands alone with a lush yard (or not). This is a great choice for people who don’t want to be on-top of their neighbors. It’s the typical house you see in movies that give off the “homey” feel.

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Looking for a smaller space and people that are surrounding you who are ready to have some fun? A condo could be the right place – added benefit of affordability and reduced maintenance.

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Have a large family? Or a house in mind where you could sell out other units for profitability? Look no further.

Loan Products


If this isn't going to be your home forever, an ARM could be right for you.


Conventional Mortgage

Planning on living in your home for a while? Then the Conventional Mortgage could be right for you, stack up your equity with this traditional mortgage.


For Veterans and service members – vLoan is armed to assist you in obtaining a home loan.



Does the quiet life in rural America come to mind when you think of your dream home? Then the USDA could pave your path to homeownership.

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