Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Published on December 12th, 2014

Guidelines to Help You Stay Safe This Holiday Season


The happiest time of the year is finally here and the best way to spread holiday cheer to sing loud for all to hear (and decorate your home)! Embellishing your home in lights, trees, candles, and other holiday garb may seem harmless, but many of these decorations can be extreme fire hazards or choking hazards for children and pets. If you’re still looking for your dream home to fill with guests over the holidays, contact a dedicated mortgage advisor today. Our vLoan team wants you to stay safe, so we’ve compiled a short list of safety precautions that you and your family should take into consideration this holiday season.




Make sure candles are never lit by a tree or other evergreens and always use non-flammable candle holders. Keep all candles away from other decorations – try to place them in an area of your home where they cannot easily be knocked over or catch other items on fire.




There’s nothing like cuddling up next to a cozy fire on a cold winter day but before you get too relaxed be sure to remove all greens, papers, and other decorations like stockings or garland from the fireplace area. Also make sure that the flue is open and there is some type of screen between you and the fire.




Before hanging lights inside or outside of your home, check each string of lights for cracked sockets, frayed wire, or loose connections. Damaged sets like this could start a fire once turned on. It may be best to buy a new set of lights instead of “risking” it. $20 in new lights is way cheaper than the costs of your home going up in flames! Also, turn off all lights on trees, your house, or other decorations before you go to bed. The best thing to do is set your lights on a timer so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to turn them off.




Make sure to place all trees away from fireplaces, heaters, or any other source of heat – when a tree dries out from heat it can become highly flammable. Artificial trees are known to be fire resistant, but if you are buying one look for a warning statement specifying this protection. Lastly, place your tree in a low traffic area of your home and don’t allow it to block doorways. If for some reason a fire were to start in your home, you wouldn’t want a huge tree blocking your way to safety.




If your home is filled with children or pets, be aware of the choking hazards that come with decorations. Many people may remember the train that drives around your tree, little elf’s that are scattered around shelves, or other small holiday decorations around the home from their childhood. As they may not be dangerous to you in adulthood, curious pets and toddlers who see these toys at eye level may try to put them in their mouths! It only takes a second for you to turn your head and for someone to grab a decoration and start choking. So, when placing these small holiday decorations around your home, try to keep them out of reach of children and pets.


By following these simple steps, you will have a much safer holiday season. We want you and your families to be in a happy and safe home. If you are looking to buy or sell, contact a member of our vLoan team today and they will be glad to help you find your dream home where you can safely enjoy more holiday celebrations to come.

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