DIY or Pro?

Published on December 19th, 2014

Knowing when it's time to hire a professional for your remodel


If you’ve ever been through a remodeling project, you know this likely starts with affordability. Can you afford to hire a sub-contractor? Is this is a project you can do yourself or is it better to hire a professional? When it comes to deciding whether or not a remodel project is a do-it-yourself (DIY) undertaking or if you need to set the funds aside for a professional, it’s prudent to discuss the various types of projects and whether these are best left in the hands of professionals. If you are still searching for the home of your dreams to remodel and make your own, contact a dedicated vLoan mortgage advisor today.


  • Demolition: Let’s start with the basic task of clearing out the old to make way for the new – demolition. Whether you’re breaking down a kitchen or a bathroom, in terms of DIY or hiring out, this project can fall either way. If you’re certain there isn’t asbestos or mold in the walls and are careful not to cause any permanent damage to the plumbing or electrical, then taking this on yourself may not be a bad idea. Choosing the DIY approach for the demolition can also save you some serious money. If you’ve never taken part in a demolition before or lack in the confidence to take this messy project on, then it may be best hire a pro.


  • Electrical work: While minor electrical work can be done by a homeowner, major implementations or projects are best left up to the professionals. We know electricians can cost a pretty penny, but taking on in-depth work by yourself can be very dangerous.


  • Kitchen remodels: If all you’re doing for your kitchen remodel is taking down dated wallpaper and adding a fresh a coat of paint, by all means, save your money and take the DIY approach. However, if you’re installing new countertops, moving the sink (and plumbing), and hanging brand new cabinets, then you may want to consult a contractor. All of these jobs require the right experience, tools, and crew to be done successfully. Besides, every home and garden magazine will tell homeowners not to skimp on a kitchen remodel, giving you more reason to allow the pros to display their talents.


  • Bathroom remodel: Unless you’re moving plumbing and electrical, bathroom projects often fall under the DIY category. Anyone can safely remove an old toilet and tiling your shower isn’t as complicated as many think. The hard projects come in when you’re installing a fabricated shower or have some detailed tile work that needs an experienced eye. Otherwise, if you’re just updating the cosmetics of the bathroom, then you can save your cash and DIY it.


  • Additions: For those who are taking on the king of all renovations and putting in an addition -- a professional is typically necessary. Additions are extensive projects that require new roofing, windows, gutters, electrical, plumbing, and the list goes on. Even for a seasoned DIYer, additions are a very large undertaking and while it may cost more to hire someone, it’s best to be sure your addition is up to code and properly executed.


While many homeowners who have survived a remodel often swear they won’t go back, remodels do offer a lot of advantages. For one, remodeling a home is often less expensive than buying a new one. Remodels also add value to a home if you’re looking to sell. Another bonus is that a remodel allows a homeowner to add their own, personal touch and truly make a home their own. For more information about remodeling to sell or for questions about buying a fixer-upper, please reach out to a member of vLoan team today to speak with a qualified mortgage professional.

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